Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

Why is Email Marketing essential?

As client behavior has changed from different social platforms to new devices etc.,

First Of All, one thing that persists the same is the reliability of email as a way to reach someone.

What will you learn from Email Marketing training?

  • Learn to draw more traffic, acquire visibility and awareness of a product or brand.
  • Create a higher number of email subscribers.
  • Get expertise and knowledge of email marketing to attract buyers at a larger scale and improve globally.
  • Get to know the art of sending mass emails to a selected group of recipients who are seeking for the product you are selling.
  • Learn the key components of an Email Marketing Plan: – Planning, Setting realistic objectives, Content creation, Deliverability, Measurability, Testing.
  • Understand Email Service Providers and different frameworks.
  • Determine appropriate costs of Email Marketing.
  • Learn more from your lists through segmentation and targeting.
  • Create effective and valuable content which will make your emails relevant to the customers.

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

What does our Email Marketing Course seek to achieve?

However, Email Marketing courses include internet marketing which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, and blogs.

So, The chief objective of our Email Marketing course is helping individuals to market a product, brand or blog using e-mailers.

Once your email marketing goal is set, the emailing marketing training moves backward with planning the other details of the campaign.

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

However,  What form of marketing allows you to send personalized, informed messages to your target consumer group at anyplace and anytime?

The answer—Email, popular because it is free, better for mobile marketing and big enough to fit in more content in a single message. 

However, Email experts must know how to attract customers and convert them to increase sales and revenues.

So, Zeolearn’s course on Email marketing will help you use,

Also, the latest tools to write and design strategic emails that will attract and retain customer loyalty.

Hence, You will learn what to write and what not to write, how to prevent your emails from becoming spam or annoying people.

Here’s what you will learn!

  • Learn how to write effective, engaging emails that will help in customer acquisition
  • Learn to source emails through search engines and social media platforms

Is this course right for you?

However, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and students who want to make a career in the marketing world will benefit from this course.

What do you need to be familiar with?

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of internet and marketing tools

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

However, Email marketing is the process of targeting customers by email (electronic mail).

Usually integrated with data mining, email marketing can be used to impact customers in different ways.

In general, email marketing is a more developed, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing.

Our Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing has been a key tool for digital marketers over the last few years.

This Email Marketing training course will more suitable for digital marketers,

So, who are looking to improve their email marketing campaign results or anyone who has responsibility for making email marketing campaigns?

Learning outcomes

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida
Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

Your main learning outcomes have listed below:

  • Plan and execute successful email campaigns
  • Email template designing
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Understand the latest email marketing tools for your effective campaigns.
  • Email campaign integration with other marketing activities.
  • Combine Email campaigns with social media
  • Landing page optimization
  • Understand the best practices

Therefore, Engage with your customers or prospective customers using a quick and efficient method that allows you to track the effort.

  • So, This course is designed for busy individuals who need online marketing solutions without investing a lot of time.
  • The class includes enrollment into an email software platform.
  • And, You will learn and apply immediately.
  • By the end of this course, you will have a finished product.
  • Imagine connecting with thousands of customers or prospects at once by running an effective email marketing campaign.
  • Learning how to create a professional email template.
  • So, Imagine a way to determine if your email was read and if they went to your website.
  • Also, Learning how to use social media with an email campaign.
  • Review other options offered by the email marketing software program, including Responsive and Autoresponders.

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

Our short courses include:

  • Email Marketing Workshop
  • Using Social Media in your Business Today
  • Digital Marketing for B2B Marketers
  • Marketing Strategy and Tactics in a Digital World
  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
  • Unlocking the Potential of Sponsorship
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Tag Manager Training
  • How to write and assess a great creative brief

…and more!

What Is Email Marketing?

So, Let’s say you own a store that sells children’s clothing.

You receive a shipment of summer clothes and swimwear, and you’re anxious to tell your customers about the cute new selections as well as see immediate sales results.

You create an email that includes photos, product information, and a special coupon that’s only valid for 24 hours.

So, Within minutes of sending your email, you get responses in the form of questions, comments, and orders.

Your email marketing brings immediate results.

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida
Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

Therefore, Emails are electronic messages that are sent to communicate a wide variety of information, including specials, product information, policy changes, free shipping offers, and more.

However, Email marketing is the strategy of using electronic messages to promote products, educate customers, and encourage sales.

It also provides quick and immediate communication, allowing companies to send emails to customers and get results almost instantly.

Additionally, email marketing is effective in building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Also, By communicating regularly with your customers, you encourage repeat business and a stronger connection to your business.

Purpose of Email Marketing

Also, Email has become a very popular form of communication in business.

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

 So, Our suite of marketing & e-marketing modules is designed to help your employees identify and understand the principles of marketing.
These modules include elements such as conducting marketing audits, developing strategic marketing plans and understanding the tools and techniques that will boost your presence online.

To see more detail about the training goals and content of our marketing & e-marketing courses, simply click on the course below.

Trainer Profile

However, All of our trainers are specialist consultants in their chosen field and are able to provide a vast amount of industry knowledge throughout the training experience.

Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida
Email Marketing Courses in Greater Noida
  • Educated to at least third level in a business or management related discipline.
  • Have at least 5 years of relevant business management experience.
  • Hold a recognized, formal qualification in Training of Adults.
  • Have a demonstrable enthusiasm for the subject matter and have excellent communication skills.

Email Marketing

However, Our email marketing solution gives you the ease of use and extensive functionality of leading email platforms, right within your point of sale and tee sheet software.

  • Craft emails in minutes with our drag-and-drop editor
  • Choose from and customize our extensive template library
  • Select from our photo gallery or upload your own
  • Simple photo editing tools for branding & formatting
  • Send promotions, reminders, and course updates to your customers
  • Drive revenue, move product, and fill empty tee times
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